What is an infraction or violation?
What kind of infractions can I report?
What can be the object or content of the complaint?

Para permitir uma investigação completa, deve descrever detalhadamente o que aconteceu, como, quando e onde aconteceu. Não é necessário ter provas, mas uma denúncia deve sempre ser enviada apenas quando se tem mesmo a certeza.

Can I use the whistleblower channel to file whistleblowing reports?
Who can be considered a whistleblower to benefit from legal protection?
Can I make anonymous whistleblowing reports?
What are the conditions to benefit from whistleblowing protection?
Is there any precedence between the whistleblowing channels and public disclosure?
In what situations can I make reports through external reporting channels?
In what situations can I make a public disclosure of the infraction?
What can happen if you report externally or disclose publicly without complying with the precedence rule?
Is there any obligation to file an infringement report?
Who are the entities required to implement Internal Reporting Channels?
What are the Internal Whistleblowing Channels?
Who are the people who make up the Whistleblower team?
How can I file a whistleblower report?
What are the Internal Whistleblowing Channels?
Can I file a verbal whistleblower report?
Can I file a whistleblower report in person?
How should I structure my whistleblowing complaint?
Is there a model form I can use to file the whistleblowing complaint?
How can I follow up on the whistleblowing complaint that was filed?
Will I receive a response to my whistleblowing complaint?
Is the confidentiality of whistleblowing complaints and the identity of the whistleblower guaranteed?
How is personal data handled?
How is it done the retention of the whistleblowing complaints and what are the retention periods?
What are the whistleblower protection measures?
What are the contacts of the whistleblower handling team?
Where can I find more information about whistleblowers protection?
Where can I find the applicable legal norms in this area?
Where can I find my organization's internal norms?
Who can I contact if I have questions or need help and advice before I report an infraction?
What is the link to access the Whistleblower Channel platform?
What is the access link to the Compliance Repository Platform?
Where can I find detailed information about whistleblower data protection?